Why Sales Should Treat Their Social Feed Like A Drip Campaign

By Jack Kosakowski, Global Head Of B2B Social Sales Strategy at Creation Agency (@JackKosakowski) Most companies have email as a heavy strategy in their marketing. Of course, email has …

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By Jack Kosakowski, Global Head Of B2B Social Sales Strategy at Creation Agency (@JackKosakowski)

Most companies have email as a heavy strategy in their marketing.

Of course, email has gotten tougher, but is still a powerful marketing strategy when done correctly.

The issue with email tends to be a lack of human connection.

Most brands want to give you value from the logo as it pertains to email strategy.

Today, you have sales acceleration tools that allow sales to create the 1-to-1 email, making it a little bit more personalized.

It’s apparent that messaging is still a major issue, especially with sales reps using the sales acceleration tools.

Email should always be one piece of the strategy. No argument there.

Now, it’s time for sales to add an even more effective drip campaign into their strategy.

Your Social Network Is Your Best List

An email list is just a piece of stagnant data that gets sent content.

Engagement will vary based on how good the data is, and how relevant the content is.

Your social network is live data and its live engagement.

Of course, content relevance is what turns the live data into engagement.

Sales has a live list of human data that can be turned into conversation daily.

That beats email, right? You can’t email someone every day.

You can tweet, post, and engage every single day of the year.

Think about this… The list is live 24 hours a day. Social data never sleeps.

Turning Your Social Network into Conversation

No data is good data unless it is engaged… Everyone can probably relate to the email list that gets a 1% open rate.

What is the key driver of engagement?

Value, Value, Value.

Now, what creates value?

Content, Content, Content.

You can’t create value without buyer centric focused content.

Content will create the value… Value will create engagement… Engagement over time creates conversation.

Quality and Targeted Content

Marketing has always created drip campaigns with a strategic content strategy.

Sales should be no different.

Bad content gets bad engagement. Bad engagement gets no conversations. That is no secret.

The challenge with social selling is creating engagement and conversation with potential buyers.

That is why content is so crucial for sales on social.

Sales has to leverage tools like buzzsumo to make sure they are sharing the hottest buyer focused content.

Top industry specific and buyer centric content gets engagement.

If sales can create the right engagement then revenue conversations will start to happen.

Consistency and Flow

Just like marketing does with email… Sales has to be committed to consistency.

An email here and there won’t get results for marketing.

A post here or there won’t get results for sales.

Sales has to set up a strategy around the flow of content they post daily.

Example: 3 pieces of content on LinkedIn daily. 5 posts on Twitter daily. 2 Posts on Google Plus.

Note: Sales has 3 live social feeds they need to keep fed.

Marketing would die to have three different lists!

Company Content Isn’t A Strategy

Unfortunately, nobody really cares about your company as much as you do.

This goes for your content strategy.

Share content that is valuable and buyer centric… This is key.

Company content has to be strategic, rare, and massively valuable to be included.

Just a heads up… Nobody cares that your company won awards.

Online to Offline

Patience is a virtue on social.

Genuine engagement and consistency will create the conversation.

Patience, strategic messaging, and genuine motive will give you the right to move that conversation offline.

You can’t force anything in sales and social is no different.

If you go in for the social kill… You will be the one that gets killed.

If you aren’t moving your conversations offline… You are pure social minus the selling.

In Conclusion

You can’t be valuable if you aren’t visible.

You can be visible if you aren’t valuable.

You can’t create opportunity without conversation.

You can’t maximize revenue limiting channels.

Be Smart. Be Visible. Be Valuable. Be Social.

Article was originally posted on Jack’s website

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