We did a Brand new thing.

Posted by By Jason Sibley
February 01, 2021
Jason Sibley

We’ve always been proud of our name, but with our attention firmly in the direction of our client campaigns for the last (almost) 20 years, it's fair to say we've given only a little consideration to our own look. Our brand has evolved over the years from planting seeds with 'let's create something' to more delivery focused with our logo being little cogs in a large machine. While a cosmetic overhaul is always a welcome thing (we’ve been splashing the paint around our head office while most people are working from home), we know the brand thing is more than just skin deep, and requires a bit of time and introspection to get something considered and updated out there.

Recently, though, three major things happened.

  1. We became truly international. And that’s manifested in a couple of important ways – more international clients with a global outlook to the work we’re delivering, so more resources in the US. And, a big step forward for us, opening an office in Singapore covering delivering across APAC including Japan and China.
  2. We got a new creative director. He’s got a good branding background and is pretty passionate about ensuring we’re seen as a design-led agency. This has given us a new energy to think again about the image we’re putting out there.
  3. And lastly but key, we appointed a new marketing manager. She’s really good too and has helped us provide some focus and organisation to the kind of project that would, like I mentioned, fall by the wayside.

The interesting thing we found about becoming more international than we were (it’s not like we weren’t by the way, but the APAC thing has certainly made us a bit more far flung than before) is that clients see us in a whole new way. New cultures to embrace, new people to meet, it’s really exciting, and we are very proud to be able to execute Global campaigns on behalf of our clients - in market on the same day, from bottom New Zealand to the top of Canada.

And then we noticed something. We were being called something different.


Not, The Creation Agency (our official name).

Not Creation (what most people call us).

But, TCA.

Or, if you’re really cool, just CA.

So, that inspired something in us. A brand refresh – a grand way of saying new logo, new colour palette, new web site design, new PowerPoint template, new business cards (hang on, does anyone use them anymore?), new letterhead. And most excitingly of all, new company merchandise, like things to wear, to write on, to write with. We’re almost breathless.

So, enough waffling, here’s the new logo.

CA Logo Animation_v3a

And here it is as a static image, and we take the CA out of the logo too, as it works nicely on its own.


Like it? We hope so (please be kind!).

It represents a fresh new look for us, clean new lines, a new shade of teal and a brand that we are sure will represent us strongly as we take on new challenges in international markets.

There are now three clear elements to our logo marque:

  • ‘CA’ is now represented as a stand-alone lockup that can be quickly and easily recognised when used as an identifier or icon.
  • ‘Creation’ is now emphasised: this is the basis of our marketing, digital or creative solutions, and what our agency stands for.
  • ‘Agency’ follows to represent not just our people and organisation, but also the actions and interventions we take to deliver results for our clients.

In marketing communications, our logo will appear with the tagline that neatly summarises our services (more on this below). And when combined with impactful imagery, the logo can be used to create a focal point or frame for key visual elements. This represents our ability to identify what’s most important and concentrate our efforts on delivering targeted outcomes.

Our commitment to delivering marketing expertise at all stages of the buying journey is stronger than ever, so we’ve changed the tag line with our new logo too. We used to say:

The science of acquisition, the art of retention

We liked it. It explained how we worked. We take a pretty scientific approach to understanding your audience. We then apply some artistry to the way we engage that audience. But, we were probably trying to be too clever. And who talks in those terms anyway? Everyone wants to acquire growth and new business, whether it’s in existing or potentially new customers, so it didn’t make complete sense when we reviewed it.

So, we came up with a new tag line.

Innovative marketing for growth

We’re all about helping our customers to grow, but more importantly (and for the keen eyed among you, our USP), we’re all about doing that with innovation. We can point to lots of things down the years that we feel are innovative in the way we’ve constructed and delivered marketing campaigns, or in the terminology we were using with customers long before the words became common parlance (brought about by our love of technology and early adoption of the pillars shaping our industry). We feel it’s what sets us apart.

So, here’s the final flourish – our new logo together with tagline.newCAlogowithtag

The Creation Agency office is already dressed in new vinyls, our new website will be developed to showcase our creative work - from global campaigns to 3D video - and our social channels will adopt the new brand look and feel. The colour palette will grow to give us flexibility and our tone of voice will also be redefined to reflect our innovation, design and vision.Internal Branding8

Internal Branding5A final thought is this.

This feels like a bit of an overshare. It’s not typical of the way we work. We’re usually as quiet as we are confident. We’ll try and change that going forward, and be a bit more vocal about the work, people and, yes, marketing innovation that makes us a little bit proud every day.

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