Using Social Analytics Tools To Better Understand Your Buyer

Webinar delivered by Jason Sibley and Sean Harmon The fourth instalment of Creation Agency’s 2017 webinar series sought to answer a question that has caused many marketing professionals …

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Webinar delivered by Jason Sibley and Sean Harmon

The fourth instalment of Creation Agency’s 2017 webinar series sought to answer a question that has caused many marketing professionals to lose sleep at night: “How well do I know my buyer?”

Creation Agency Head of Strategy Jason Sibley and IBM Watson Analytics Data Specialist Sean Harmon were paired to discuss the topic of using social analytics tools to better understand your buyer.

The analytical, but highly informative, the conversation covered a wide range of themes, including defining persona vs. behavior-based marketing, an overview of the usage models of social analytics platforms, and a comprehensive demonstration of IBM’s Watson Analytics for Social Media (WASM).

Since the days of spray and pray tactics and rudimentary demographic targeting are numbered, today’s most successful marketing professionals now require a deep knowledge of their target buyer.

The good news is that social media has been a revelation for marketing pros and can provide amazing insights – opening a new cache of data to create an almost virtual 1-to-1 conversation with their buyer.

According to Jason Sibley, for marketers to harness that data, they need to work harder to understand their buyers’ passions, interests, beliefs, and who and what influences them through behavioural cohorts and behavioural analytics.


Moving beyond the persona marketing-driven job title towards analysing the behaviour of a certain community – how they behave online, what content they share, who influences them, who has genuine traction within the audience – marketers can experience a secondary tangible benefit in their email, inbound, and social media campaigns.

For example, a comparison of email open rates powered by behaviour marketing vs. persona marketing yielded a 2.5 times greater rate (40% vs. 16%) for the behavioural cohort.

Sean’s demonstration of Watson Analytics for Social Media was particularly interesting, building upon his and Jason’s shared enthusiasm for a particular brand of automobile.

Once marketing professionals establish keywords and topics in WASM, the cloud-based platform looks for string matching and pulls chunks of content from more than 3 million data sources, including Facebook public pages, Twitter, YouTube (including text), blogs, reviews and more, creating interactive data visualisations for the user.

Sean was quick to point out that knowledge of coding or Boolean search parameters is not required to operate WASM, which delivers data in multiple languages and can provide marketing professionals with sentiment analysis, as well as advanced content filtering results by type, geography, author demographics, influencers, and behaviours, among others.

WASM comes with a Watson Analytics account and a link to a free 30-day trial is included for everyone who watches the webinar. Sign up HERE .   

According to Sean, WASM was designed for macro analysis of massive amounts of content in order to answer very specific questions relating back to the buyer or customer, distilling information down to tiny gems of data in the online environment.
Finally, Jason recommended that marketers should look within their own follower community and analyse their own audience. He suggested using tools like Followerwonk, which shows where followers are located, their social authority, and when they are online, or Audiense, a more advanced tool that also helps marketers to understand the behaviour of their existing followers but also allows direct engagement with them, as two helpful resources to accomplish this.

Ready to watch the recorded webinar? Click here!

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