The Only 3 Areas Every “Social Sales” Rep Should Be Focused On Daily

By Jack Kosakowski, Global Head Of B2B Social Sales Strategy at Creation Agency (@JackKosakowski) Focus is the toughest part in sales… That’s why every “Social Sales” rep has to be …

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By Jack Kosakowski, Global Head Of B2B Social Sales Strategy at Creation Agency (@JackKosakowski)

Focus is the toughest part in sales… That’s why every “Social Sales” rep has to be heavily focused on the right activities daily.

Sometimes, simplicity is the easiest way to tell the story around the real value of change.

It’s no secret that sales reps in today’s selling landscape need to get the competitive advantage anyway possible in order to succeed long term.

You can be a naysayer of cold calling, social selling, or whatever other sales strategies are out there… Or you can take bits and pieces of each one of these strategies and maximize your success.

Personally, I’m a believer that all strategies in sales work, as long as you do them effectively and keep the buyer’s best interest as your primary focus.

Here are 3 simple reasons it’s worth your time to add social into your sales strategy…

1. Visibility

You can’t generate business if your buyer doesn’t know you exist, right?

Your job in sales is to get the attention from your buyer… For most sales reps this form of communication happens over phone and email.

Your focus as a sales rep has to be able to get in front of as many prospective buyers as possible, leading with massive value.

Content drives your visibility on social and strengthens your phone conversations and email communication.

Consistency is the key to creating long-term visibility, which leads to the next step that is value.

2. Value

Your sales strategy in the digital world of complex sales processes complemented with buying committees has to be heavily focused on proactive value vs. ask.

Giving value to buyers before they know they are ready to buy is the competitive advantage that “social” sales reps have over their competitors.

Sending an email or making a phone call asking for something is a strategy that must be complemented with massive value before, during, and after the ask.

Social is your vehicle to provide that value on a mass scale that doesn’t involve being just like every other sales rep who is always focused on “selling” reactively.

Value comes in many different forms, and the most effective one is leveraging buyer data to personalize your approach over time to build and strengthen your relationship.

The sales people who understand how to earn the right to their buyer’s time will be the ones who win long-term.

Get obsessed with understanding how you can leverage social to give massive amounts of value to your buyers that don’t involve anything to do with you… Or your product.

3. Connected

You can spend your whole sales career pounding the phone and begging for business… Or you can start getting connected to all the right people who will do that work for you.

Social is your vehicle to humanize the digital relationship in the initial stages of proactive education with your buyers.

You can’t humanize sales relationships reactively on sales calls and think that strategy will be sustainable long-term.

Once you get visible and valuable… You have to get connected!

Value creates conversation… Strong connections create the offline conversation, and referrals bring the value of connections full circle.

The world of blind connections is dead… Your goal in sales is to humanize and grow your social connections with a targeted group of people that will gain mutual value personally and professionally.

The more you can strengthen your connections and grow them long term… The more conversations you will create… And even better… The more conversations people will bring to you that are interested in what you have to offer.

In Conclusion

Simplicity sells.

Social works.

Focus on getting visible, becoming valuable, and humanizing your connections.

If you can compound this simple strategy over time proactively leveraging social as the vehicle…

Just think… You might not have to beg for business ever again!

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