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Great Salespeople Are Created!! – Four Myths About Learning The Art of Sales Before I was a sales trainer, before I had even begun my sales career, I made …

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Great Salespeople Are Created!! – Four Myths About Learning The Art of Sales

Before I was a sales trainer, before I had even begun my sales career, I made my living as a guitar teacher.

Every week I would sit with students and teach people how to play the guitar.

It was quite an experience, seeing the preconceptions that people would come in with. Here is what I heard every week.

“I’m not like you, I wasn’t born with talent.”

Which was a funny and kind of insulting thing to say to me, because I had started, with no intrinsic talent for music. I had to earn it, day by day. I became a great musician with hard work and perseverance.

Honestly, I deal with this same perception when it comes to becoming salespeople.

“You are born with the skill or not.”

This is completely false. I know it, because on a daily basis I create salespeople, or help them create themselves as salespeople.

Here are the four big misconceptions about creating salespeople.

1.You Can’t Create Drive

What is drive? I think it gets close to what Andy Jefferson, co founder of author of Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How To Turn Training and Development Into Business, speaks of when he discusses “Can I” vs “Will I”. Can a rep call his leads, yes.He or she can call, but will they?

Here is where I see businesses fail reps by giving them, a quick “sales” training and give them a few leads and a rope long enough to hang themselves.

When they fail, and with this they will fail, they say “I guess you didn’t have it” This is why I recommend new salespeople work in Inside Sales, where a Sales Manager can in real time watch call rates, and also listen in.

A few intense months later, I have seen DRIVE, and Discipline imbedded in our new hire. They know the hourly/daily work that it takes to make it in this field.

2. You Either Have The Personality Or Not

When you think of a salesperson, you probably think of this big personality, snapping necks and cashing checks.

I’m quite sure this actually a myth these days. Give me someone who is willing to learn, and I will show you a great salesperson in a few months.

No longer are we just a profession of Type A personalities, I have several soft spoken, quiet people who know how to listen to customers needs and help them.


3. Closing is something you can’t teach

There is an art to closing.

I’ve seen real deals just sit in limbo because a rep doesn’t make a move to make a deal close.

After years of teaching reps I began to think of a close as a slow dance, one where each partner is listening and reacting to each other.

So we practice that listening, pauses in speech, questions they ask and we learn how to prompt a move.

“Larry I find that people either don’t buy because of either time or money do you mind if I ask which one it is?”

The answer I get is usually not about time or money, but the answer points us to the real objection and the close. I didn’t learn this move until years in the business.

But I learned it.

4. There is One Way to Sell

The reality is there are endless ways to sell these days. I work with several brilliant salespeople that never pick up the phone.

I would be lost without it. Find the way that works for you, but don’t be afraid to grow. This year I have started really cranking out blog posts on LinkedIn and Twitter and my leads are booming.

I have a personal goal to help people create salespeople, we need them and it’s a great career. For anyone who wants it.


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