Snapchat the rival of many social media networks receives 8 billion daily video views, that’s a huge amount. One of your main goals with Snapchat Marketing should be to gain sales from your snaps and increase your social media engagement, but how can this be done? That’s what you are about to find out.

Creating Custom On-Demand Geofilters

You’ve probably seen them loads, at first they were only designed for public places of which you had to be in the location to use them, however now you are able to create your own and choose your location. Below is the custom Snapchat Geofilter Jason Burrows created for Creation Agency.

To create a Geofilter, you first need to design one. Templates are provided that work with Photoshop and other programs, or alternatively you could create one using Canva (Quick Tutorial of Canva) setting the correct dimensions. Once you’ve created it, you can then pick where you want your filter to appear, this is done via selecting an area on the map displayed.

Choose your time and dates, then proceed to submitting the Snapchat Geofilter for review and if it’s approved it will go live when you set it to. The pricing of a Snapchat Geofilter starts at just $5(£3.53) but will increase depending on the size of area and duration.

When you create them and choose the location, anyone in that area that has Snapchat will be able to use the filter. This means if they then post it to their story, all their followers will see the filter which will increase your brand publicity massively.

Offering Discounts

According to Business Insider, 58% of college students would be likely to purchase a brand’s product or service if they were sent a coupon on Snapchat. 58%, that’s quite a high success for gaining sales from Snapchat.

By giving your followers promotional offers received through Snapchat, you could potentially gain more sales. Not only that, but if those users then told their friends/colleagues etc, you may even pick up a few more sales and gain some extra followers. Stories on Snapchat only last for 24 hours so it’s sometimes even better to host quick sales exclusively for your Snapchat followers.

Product sneak peaks

If you are launching a new product and/or service, your customers would most likely be interested to know what it is, so why not share with them a little sneak peak? It could potentially build up the hype and get them engaged wanting to know more and more.This then means you can create more content around the new product/service and keep them engaged and up-to-date for when you release.

Behind-the-scenes footage

Everyone at some stage wants to know what it’s like working behind the scenes at a company right? Why not show your followers, for example if you’re a clothing company you could show them what it’s like when you are printing for new orders etc, or even if you are a social media agency curating content. It can be done and people may find it interesting. You could even run a little challenge and get users to guess what the video is about through a hashtag on Twitter or Facebook etc.


Another way you can engage users with your social media activity is by running a Q&A. A bit like running a Q&A on Twitter where they tweet you questions but instead on Snapchat. You could get people message you questions on Snapchat for you to answer on your story which will last for 24 hours unless you download them and share them.

So there you go, there’s several ways for you to include Snapchat into your marketing strategy. If you are already using Snapchat as part of your strategy, feel free to tell us what you are doing and how well it is performing.