If you’ve been reading any of my blog posts or others on Creation Agency’s site, you’ll have heard the phrase “value” or at least “visible, valuable and connected”. Value is a key, key part of sales and indeed social selling now too. Why? Buyers don’t want to be interrupted. When I am cold called at home out of hours, I’m very uninterested and that should mean I take this into my own sales work. 

Value is of course the way around this, bringing buyers to you who are warming as they interact with you more and more. You’re already doing better than a lot of sales reps, but if you have competition who realise this too you need to be that 1% better than them. Here’s how to be visible, valuable and connected quicker and most importantly better than your competition.

React quickly

When you publish a new Pulse article or blog post, who sits there looking to see the first few hits on it? It’s not just me. How can you relate this to your prospects?

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator or use phone/email alerts for when your hottest prospect shares an article. Be the first to read, share, comment on and engage. The likelihood you get responded to is much higher if you get in quickly. Do read the content and say something of value, actually ask a question and comment something from in the post. What was interesting, and so on.  Then share it on LinkedIn, Twitter and anywhere your buyer has a profile that is active and you use.

1: Nil to you.


I’m a (fanatic) Liverpool Football Club fan. If you notice that on my Twitter, Instagram etc and comment on it I am actually more likely to respond and get to know you. The first thing I’ll ask is, who do you support? Rapport building is not always, if often about business. People associate business with money, buying and selling. If you’re being proactive and speaking to me first, you are actually showing a sign you want something. What you want is me to reply and have a good conversation with you, not actually a deal just yet.

Be the one who is first to know the result of your prospect’s team, and have a bit of friendly banter with them if the win or lose. Of course, use your judgement to not upset or annoy them but the point here is focus on finding that golden nugget, a slither of personal taste that you can relate to.

Think nothing of the sale. You’ve found the person because they look like the right buyer for you, now forget that. Become familiar with each other and get to know each other a little.

I don’t like the dating analogy that is so often brought out to describe this process, but there’s no escaping it. You’ve spotted the person you like at the bar, then forget about everything else other than getting to know them.

2: Nil.

Sense the deal isn’t dead

If you go for the initial “ask”, where you ask to take the conversation offline and have a call and you feel batted away or like there is resistance, that’s OK. Take your step back, remember there are 101 other reasons that you might be getting this than “they don’t want to talk”.

Keep them in your prospect list, they are still warm. Just take a few days away from them, light touches are good for keeping in contact. Little likes and RTs are good, but there is a next phase to getting the deal back on track.

Send another Inmail, with a link to some helpful content. Hyper targeted around what they talk about and struggle with. “I saw this and I thought about how we were talking about it, might be of use to you.”

You’re trying to help them re-realise you want them to take value from you as an experience and person to deal with. You are selling, but only to the right people. The value comes first, earn the right to talk about you.

This extra content will help them realise you are actually not talking about yourself, it is actually a logical conversation to have if you can help each other. Not an outright sales call you have had 12 times that day to 12 industries and 12 different size businesses.

I love social selling, and please ask me any questions you have one-to-one on social media. LinkedIn and Twitter are the best places to catch me, send me a message! Don’t forget to share with your sales team…