In marketing today, there is lots of talk about how video is the big thing right now, and has to be used for B2B marketing.

Maybe this is driven by marketing channels like Facebook changing their algorithm so famously to promote video content much, much more than ever before. People are now including videos in blog posts, posting them on all of their social networks and enjoying the rewards.

For me in social selling, you’re missing out of that extra slice of the action if you forget video. And that doesn’t just mean posting videos on your social networks, I mean using it properly.

Twitter Direct Messaging

I first tried to use a video DM months back and I tested the same messaging on 4 prospects.

I must say at this point the industry I was targeting was quite laggard in terms of being socially active – so my expectation on results actually was quite high.

I expected prospects who saw the video I was going to send, to reply as it could be more relatable to them and something they are more used to, rather than the ins and outs of using Twitter (perhaps?).

I sent a similar message of the same messaging to 4 people and one came back to me immediately with an ideal response. I was talking about taking the conversation offline in the video, and one immediately agreed. One later watched the video and replied, and the other 2 did not open the message.

That might not sound like a massive success rate, but to be honest I got 2 replies from socially unresponsive people in around 2 minutes of filming a video from my phone at my desk.

How to do it

My method was to work out what I was going to say, and practice saying it without the camera on me a couple of times. Then I stood up and placed the camera on a small mobile tripod I have so it was headshot-height and I filmed a selfie-style video. I kept them short, around 30 seconds if I could. I recorded them a few times to practice being on camera and doing it but then I chose the best version and sent it on Twitter’s mobile app to the person via DM.

Instagram Direct Messaging

The same principles and methods apply here as they did for Twitter video messaging, except for the length of video you can send.

I tried this only a few weeks ago and was only allowed to send videos up to 15 seconds in length. So perhaps the best strategy for using video in Instagram messaging is not to take the conversation offline, unless you have a short and sweet sentence to say in order to do that.

I used a video message to spark interest from a prospect who had a large following

I wanted to not send a plain message that he quite likely would get sent multiple times per day. I wanted to do something that would be interesting – and the result was worth it.

The prospect responded with a video DM of his own to me, and he actually thanked me for sending a video DM myself. The conversation carried on as a result of the video DM conversation starter. I picked up on a great post he had shared and started to talk briefly about that, and commending him for sharing it.


As well as video messaging, I really am a big fan of meme style videos. There is one person who I know very well who does this better than most, take a look at what Cody Barry does below.

What I like about this is, it’s simple to make and made me stop and look when I saw this on my Instagram feed. Of course, Cody is not the only one who has done this before, but what he is doing builds his personal brand and proves to me that I should trust him for good reason.

He is making good content and is up to date on industry trends. This meme style video is very popular now, and as he works in social media I have enough of a signal from his social activity and this video that he is an expert. If he now sends me a video message after I have seen this post, I will watch it.

He’s now into a conversation with me because he built the know, like and trust factors by filming a 60 second video. Beat that!

If you think of any other ways to use video in your social selling strategy let me know, this is something I think about a lot. Get in touch via social, and if you’re feeling brave use a video DM to do it… Im @OllieWhitfield_ on Twitter, and OllieWhitfield96 on Instagram, and on LinkedIn of course.