Content Marketing has become extremely competitive now, in order to achieve success with your content marketing strategy you need to have a realistic plan and take advantage of the various tools out there.

Following on from my recent article covering growth hacking tools for marketers, I decided to write this article featuring 7 powerful tools that marketers can start using immediately to increase content marketing success.

In no particular order, these are 7 tools that content marketers should definitely look into.

1 – CoSchedule

CoShedule is a brilliant tool, perfect for content marketers. There are various features of this tool, some of which include:

  • Drag & Drop Calendar
  • Ability to create content using Google Docs.
  • Integration with WordPress, Evernote, Google Analytics, Buffer, Facebook and more!
  • Workflow management

One of my favourite resources CoShedule offers for everyone is their Headline Analyzer. If you aren’t using this for your blog post titles, then what are you doing? This is by far the most helpful and one of the best tools I’ve used.

CoShedule’s Headline Analyzer will score your headline and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic and SEO value.

2 – BuzzSumo

If you want the perfect tool for finding trending content, most shared posts covering a specific topic etc, then BuzzSumo is the tool you’ll want to use. One of my favourite tools for content curation. You can either browse content using the default topics or alternatively, search a specific keyword.

Another great feature of this tool is that you can easily narrow your search down by choosing whether you want to include videos, articles,  guest posts etc… you are also able to enter a specific country, language and filter by date and by domains.

3 – Feedly

Another great tool for content curation, Feedly allows you to add various blog RSS feeds and will automatically grab all the latest articles from the blogs you’ve added. You can create various feed categories for different topics, and best of all, you can sync them up to other tools like IFTTT to tweet the latest content.

I use Feedly for content curation on my own social media along with the clients I manage at Creation Agency. If you aren’t using this tool, then you should look into it right away. Go ahead and take a look here.

Feedly is free for everyone, but you also have the option to upgrade and pay monthly like I have, which gives you various other features which include the ability to get new stories up to 10x faster, integration with Buffer and Hootsuite, Keyword alerts and much more.

4 – Buffer

You’ve got the tools to curate content and write up articles, but now you need to get traffic to your article for it to be a success, how can you do that effectively? Use a social media management tool such as Buffer.

Buffer allows you to easily automate your social media posts, allowing you to drive traffic and engagement back to your article, providing you’re crafting eye-catching high-quality social posts.

@Sam___Hurley mentioned a brilliant point in this interview, “To compete with the best, you have to own the finest equipment. Automation is the future – throughout Digital Marketing in its entirety. 100% human tasking is slow and inefficient.”

5 – Grammarly

If grammar is your weak spot, don’t worry. with the help of Grammarly, your social posts, articles, emails etc will be easier to read and mistake-free. One of the best things about this tool is that it’s free, with the ability to upgrade for even more features and advanced checks.

Install the Grammarly extension and the tool will automatically check your grammar every time you type. If you spell something wrong or it’s not easy to read, Grammarly will notify you and show an alternative you can use. Perfect for when writing articles, emails and crafting social posts!

6 – Canva

To succeed with your content marketing, you need high-quality images, Canva can you help you achieve this.

Canva is a superb tool that is both free and very easy to use. Create stunning images for your social posts, blog posts, social media profile images etc. You can use Canva to create designs for almost everything. @JasonCreation published a great video covering how to create eye-catching images using Canva, you can watch that video here.

The tool allows you to use ready-made templates to craft your masterpiece or create your own from scratch. Canva allows you to add text, shapes, upload images, use images available on Canva (free & paid images) and more. This tool is definitely worth a look into.

7 – CrowdFire

To help maximise your reach and engagement for your content marketing, you need to work on your social following. Of course, have a large following on your social media is great, but if they are not targeted, don’t expect much engagement.

CrowdFire allows you to help achieve a successful following on your Twitter and Instagram. Before you use the tool, you should be identifying key accounts which have a great targeted following. These accounts could be key influencers, well-known marketers, celebrities, successful companies etc.

Once you’ve found these and jotted them down on a notepad or spreadsheet, type them in CrowdFire’s copy followers feature and start following suitable targeted followers. Engage with their content and drop them a follow and you’re likely to build to see a growth in your social following. You can also unfollow inactive accounts and those that do not follow you back.

That’s the end of this post, I hope you’ve found it helpful and check out the tools mentioned. If you’ve got any questions feel free to drop me a tweet @_GarethG.