First, let’s discuss the difference between your social voice and your social tone. Your voice is your brand personality described in adjectives. For example, you can be energetic, positive, cynical or professional. Think of your voice as your mission statement.

Now, your tone adds a specific flavour or aspect to your voice based on factors like audience, situation, and channel. Therefore, there is usually one voice for your social accounts and possibly many tones that compliment your overall voice.

The reason you should take time to identify both your voice and your tone is it humanises your accounts, and will help encourage others to participate in conversation with you. At the end of the day, you want to provide your potential customers ‘someone’ to talk to in an easy to understand format.

Below are three areas to consider to help identify both your voice and your tone:

If your brand was a person, what kind of personality would you want it to have?

Make a list of adjectives of how you want your brand to be described as, and also, make a list of adjectives you don’t want your brand to be described as. Outlining the adjectives will help steer your vision to what you want your brand to strive for.

Why are you on social media in the first place?

Communicating and marketing your brand on social media requires a strategy prior to launching. I ask this question to ensure you have thought of your overall objective. Without this end goal in mind, your conversations, adjectives and vision will be hard to achieve.

Match your voice to your audiences’ expectation

With competition high, you want your brand to be top of mind of your customers. You can do this by providing them with increased value. The more valuable your social posts are the more customers will engage with your page. To know what is of value, you need to understand why they are on the social media platforms. How are they using it on a daily basis? What are they looking for? What accounts are they interacting with already?

When you have a better understanding of your audience’s social style then your voice and tones can enhance your updates and habits to improve your chances of interactions and overall engagement.