A short and very real marketing story.

"Can we use SEO for this Campaign?"



You see, I've had a long-held belief that Google doesn't even look at your website for a least 6 weeks, so it always frustrates me when people suggest SEO/Organic as a channel in campaigns. The truth is the campaign has long since ended when the SEO benefits start to kick in. 

So it's great to have this updated infographic presented by The Website Group using data from an ahrefs study. 

I'm a big fan of ahrefs (we use the tool a lot for keyword research), so take any studies from them very seriously, and here are some key observations.

  • The average age of a No.1 ranked pages almost 1,000 days old.
  • Only 22% of the current top 10 ranked pages were created in the last year.
  • Only 5.7% of studied pages (over 2m) ranked in the top 10 for at least 1 keyword in a year.

So, does the study give you an exact answer, well, no. But it does tell you at 95% of new posts didn't rank in the first year. 

So please keep at it. It'll come. And if you want a little help along the way, here is a post I wrote on 3 things you can do right now to improve you chances of being in that 5%.