#56: 5 Mobile Apps To Turn Your Instagram From Marketing Zero To Hero

Instagram is a tough channel to gain an engaged audience.  With that being said, it can be a great source to get link clicks and drive traffic to …

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Instagram is a tough channel to gain an engaged audience.  With that being said, it can be a great source to get link clicks and drive traffic to your website if done correctly.

Most Instagram users struggle with the video component.  The problem with only having 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention, and get them to take action seems to be the toughest part for marketers.  It’s a competitive advantage to those that do.

There are many mobile apps that are really effective and can give you the tools you need to start curating engaging content.

Here are 5 Instagram apps that will turn your Instagram from zero to hero!

1. Pic/Play/Post App

This app is great for taking pictures, videos, and making them look professional.  You can create collages and even use gifs in a video collage.  This app is free and you can also customize your website URL or social profile handles for content curation.  There is a small fee if you want some of the customization features but it is highly worth it.  You can also bring in custom music or audio as well to help increase engagement.


2. KineMaster App

This app is incredible if you want to create custom video using your mobile phone.  It allows you to add video or pictures and then create custom transitions. This app is only $4.99 per month and currently only available for Android.  This app is comparable to some of the high end desktop applications that cost hundreds of dollars.


3. Regrann App

This app is great for re posting content from other Instagram users.  If you see a video or photo that you like from other users you can re post with one click of the button.  It also allows you to copy and paste their hashtags and social profile in order to give them attribution.  This app is completely free.


4. Legend App

This app is great for taking text and turning it into animation.  If you are sick of using plain old boring text this is the app for you!  You can turn quotes into animations adding pictures as well.  If you really want to get creative you can incorporate legends text into the Pic/Play/Post app and really elevate your Instagram engagement.


5. Boomerang App

This app is fun for taking your video content and creating fun video loops.  If you are at a family event, conference, or hanging out with your friends you can have a lot of fun with this.  Instagram engagement is driven by creativity and this app will let you have a hay day!


Instagram Tips and Tricks

Keep in mind that you can have fun with your blog posts, eBooks, and leverage creative videos to drive traffic to your website.  This can only be done if you are mixing up your links and giving followers direction on how they can take action.  You should be changing out your links in your profile every post in order to keep the users engaged on a regular basis, by adding tons of value from your posts.

Hopefully, you will have as much fun as I have with these apps.  Check out my Instagram if you would like to see some fun and engaging posts using all 5 of these apps!


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