How To Give Your Sales Reps like a Zillion Dollars in Training for Only A Few Hundred Bucks

In a few short weeks, we’ll host our annual Sales Machine summit in NYC for 1000+ sales professionals in NYC. The event is a joint event we do …

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In a few short weeks, we’ll host our annual Sales Machine summit in NYC for 1000+ sales professionals in NYC. The event is a joint event we do with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and always brings a *super* high quality audience.

That said, I’m most excited for the speakers.

When we do these with Salesforce, we have access to a whole different stable of practitioners from larger and public companies. It makes for an experience that provides a vast array of viewpoints on actionable sales education.

Here are a few sessions I can’t wait to see, in no particular order.

Dave Rudnitsky  –  You really never see Dave speaking at conferences. That’s because he’s usually busy ramping a company to IPO. Dave was one of the first heads of Sales at Salesforce.

He has many shout outs in Marc Benioff’s book, Beyond the Cloud and is credited with building their 5 billion dollar playbook (how Salesforce went from $0-$5bn in revenue). Recently he helped take Yext public and he’ll be at Sales Machine breaking down the Top 10 Sales Leadership lessons he’s learned along the way.

Value = Priceless. He doesn’t consult or train.

Pete Kazanjy, Noah Goldman, Evan Bartlett  –  These are 3 people who know a thing or two about building a sales process for the modern sales era. This is also not your typical panel.

Each one will be discussing a single slide/piece of the process for a few minutes. Then we will run Q&A as a group. There’s a ton of potential for you to walk away with something game-changing here.  

Value = Priceless. They don’t consult or train.

John Barrows –  John is the go-to sales development trainer for LinkedIn, Salesforce, Box, Marketo, Zendesk, and many other super successful hyper growth companies. He’s going to give you a glimpse of what he trains these companies in, starting with prospecting. This won’t be surface level at all. This will be deep, actionable tactics and tips you can use at your org that day.

Value = Minimum $50k retainer.

Trish Bertuzzi and Patrice Greene  –  Trish is one of the top forward thinkers when it comes to Inside Sales and Sales Development. Patrice is her counterpart when it comes to Demand Gen and Marketing.

The two of them together will be running through how to build an organization aligned around sales and marketing. Something that is super important in today’s modern buying/selling world since more and more orgs are holding marketing accountable to a number, and rolling SDRs up into Marketing. Sales and Marketing are growing closer together every year.

Value = Minimum $120k retainer for both.

Jeffrey Gitomer  –  Jeffrey has sold over 1 million copies of his Little Red Book of Selling. That’s incredible. Now he speaks in front of massive companies and drops knowledge on how to CLOSE deals. He’s going to be talking to us about the XYZs of getting deals done, almost like a checklist that his honed during his experience selling for half a century.

Value = Minimum $100k+ retainer

Jill Konrath  –  Jill is one of the sales professions living legends. She’s written multiple bestselling books on sales, specializes on closing big deals, and has worked with IBM, GE, Microsoft, Staples, and more. I’m excited to hear about how she helps people close more big deals, and shorten sales cycles.

Value = Minimum $100k+ retainer

See the rest of the agenda here, where you can learn things in:

Enterprise Sales

Sales Operations

Sales Development

Sales & Marketing Alignment (& Customer Success even!)

Sales Leadership

Lastly, use our BUZZERBEATER code at checkout to grab 40% off tickets while you still can.

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