How I Structure My Day For Sales Success

One of the main issues I see sales reps and the managers who work them deal with is how to structure a positive selling day. We are all …

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One of the main issues I see sales reps and the managers who work them deal with is how to structure a positive selling day. We are all lead junkies, chasing the white rabbit down the sales hole, but often this leads to unproductive time without a long term goal.

What you need is a program for conditioning your salespeople of what to do with their time. They are running around chasing fresh leads, which is what they should do, but still they need to continuously follow up with all of these leads.

Sales reps are hunters, but what we really need is a structure for success. The following works for me, you might have to adjust it for your own business.

1 – Take care of the biggest problem, opportunity first.  8-9 am.

There are deals/opportunities that need striking first thing in the morning. These are loose ends that need my attention right away. These might be in email or return phone calls. It’s a great way to start my day, with the “rubber meets the road” work.

Note: I don’t answer all emails first thing in the morning, if it can wait till later, I flag it and come back around before lunch to address. Answering all emails is a way to set in boredom early in the day.

2 – Social Selling Work/Pound out calls- 9-10 am

This is prospecting time, my main avenues of revenue online are Twitter and LinkedIn, so here is where I respond to requests for information, post to my blog and look for ways to interact. I use Sales Navigator, Lead IQ, Sprout Social and Gaggle Amp to make this time super productive.

3 – See clients/pull referrals- 10am to 3pm

This is where I run my webinars, do my coaching reports and call current clients. I included referrals in this because this is KEY to my success. I’m closing deals, doing the work then always looking for a way to include my new customer in finding other customers.

4 – Social Selling time #2- 3pm to 4pm

If my day ends early with training or writing, I spend another hour on social media responding to clicks and shares, this gives me a one two punch all within one day. Since adding this I’ve seen a major increase in real leads that lead to sales.

5 – Hit Older Leads- 4 till?

A major mistake I see reps making is just reaching out once or twice to a lead, then sending it to the round file cabinet (trash) This is a major no no simply because we are all mind-blowingly busy, and often the method of reaching out, phone/email/text is not on the prospects radar. This is where a tool like LeadIQ is amazing because it gives me several different ways to touch them, plus I can see where they are active. The way I see it, a lead is a sale, so I will abandon it when the prospect tells me a hard NO. Until then I find several ways to talk to them. These leads are very expensive and we can no afford to disregard them.

This is not a template per se, every business is different, but I have tried to give a overview of how a successful rep might spend his day. If the program needs tweaking, a good manager can help the rep find his map for success. The trick I think is to really examine the goals and see if the mark is hit.

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