9 Instagram Tools Marketers Should be Using

By Gareth O’Sullivan, Content Marketing Manager (@_GarethG) Following on from my previous article “How To: Increase Your Instagram Engagement & Followers” this post will cover some top tools …

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By Gareth O’Sullivan, Content Marketing Manager (@_GarethG)

Following on from my previous article “How To: Increase Your Instagram Engagement & Followers” this post will cover some top tools that marketers can take away and start using to produce amazing content, reshare other’s content, show off your content on your website and lastly scheduling your posts.

As you may be aware of Instagram’s recent algorithm change, it is now even more important that your posts show up in the newsfeed of your followers and that you produce engaging content.

Below are 9 tools that marketers will find helpful to use for when creating and managing Instagram accounts.

CanvaWeb App / iOS App / *Android App is coming soon*

This tool is by far the best I’ve used for creating amazing content for free without the need of loading up Photoshop or any other applications.

Simply head over to the web app or download their iOS app here and login. If you don’t have an account then you can create one for free.

Once you have logged in you will be able to instantly start working on new images, with various ready-made templates or start from scratch. One of the best features about Canva is that they have already created designs for most if not all social media channels. There are dimensions for Twitter posts, Facebook, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, Blog posts, Email headers etc.

For a quick tutorial on how to use Canva check out this article here by Jason Burrows (@jasoncreation)

Repost AppWebsite / iOS App / Android App

The Repost App is brilliant for reposting content to your Instagram account with ease. No need to worry about manually screenshotting and copying out the captions, just simply use this tool and repost the content whilst giving credit to the original Instagrammer. Check their website for a quick video on how to repost.


You want your Instagram content to get as much engagement and visibility as you can, one brilliant way to help achieve this is by showing off your content on your website and/or blog. With the help of the SnapWidget tool, this is possible.

SnapWidget allows you to embed your Instagram feed onto your website, perfect to let your audience know you are on that platform and encouraging them to follow you.

The tool has several layouts you can choose to embed, these range from a responsive grid of your photos, to a map of your Instagram photos pinned by location, to even a board and slideshow of your content. Check out the examples over here.

Buffer Website / iOS App / Android App

Previously, Instagram allowed third party apps to automatically post content for you, however, with their new update they have blocked this from happening.

As a result of this, you will now need to use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite that will notify you when it’s time to publish your content. When you schedule content to post to your Instagram via Buffer, you will receive a notification at the set time you want to publish on Instagram.

Once Buffer notifies you, load up the Buffer app and you will be able to copy the caption and proceed with posting the content to your chosen Instagram account.

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Sprout SocialWebsite

Sprout Social is by far the best social media management tool I’ve used, one of the features of this tool is Instagram analytics. On the reports section of the app, you will find “Instagram profiles” this is where you will be able to have a look at the stats of your Instagram profile.



If Sprout Social isn’t in your budget range or would rather another tool specifically for just Instagram analytics then you can check out another tool called Iconosquare which I’ve also had experience using and would recommend.


If you’re thinking about recording videos for your Instagram like Jason, then I would highly recommend using Camtasia.

This tool is one of the best for creating videos and editing them, you can choose a specific video size suitable for various social media channels such as Instagram.

Camtasia allows you to record your screen whilst also incorporating your webcam. For a full list of features that Camtasia includes check here.

This is a perfect tool to create engaging videos for your Instagram feed.

The following tools are more so for editing your content, these are my personal favourites.

VSCOWebsite / iOS App / Android App

This is one of my favourite apps that I will always use for applying filters and editing pictures so they are the best quality they can be. I would highly recommend using this app and using the free filters available or purchasing more filter packs.

The VSCO app has many filters you can apply along with the basic editing tools to finish up the little changes needed. I use this app for both work and my Instagram account.

Photo Editor+iOS App / Android App

If you’re looking for a free simple to use photo editing app with many features available then I’d recommend the Photo Editor+ app. I also use this to add some effects to images, make them sharper, add fancy text, and also use the focus feature to make a certain area stand out more.

LegendiOS App / Android App

The last tool I’d like to recommend is the Legend app. This app allows you to create funky animated text, apply a background image, play around and choose your favourite text colours and then the ability to send in a message, post directly to Instagram, send in WhatsApp, save as a gif and lastly download as a video.

Using these tools and applying these tips, you should see an increase in your engagement and potentially a growth in your Instagram followers.

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