6 Reasons to Go All-In on Social Selling

By Kevin Thomas Tully (@kevinttully) Global Director of Social Selling Operations It seems as unlikely as believing that the Earth is flat, but there remains a (small) cohort …

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By Kevin Thomas Tully (@kevinttully) Global Director of Social Selling Operations

It seems as unlikely as believing that the Earth is flat, but there remains a (small) cohort of sales professionals who are skeptical of Social Selling.

Much like the members of the flat-Earth society, these misguided sales pros have their reasons for not embracing methodologies that drive more conversations with the right prospects at the right time in the sales cycle.

Today, the most productive and forward-thinking sales and marketing professionals leverage social media to connect and capture more business than ever previously imagined.

For a myriad of reasons, you need to drop everything and add Social Selling to your sales process. The time to become fully-committed is NOW. And here’s why:

No gatekeepers

Social media allows instant and direct access to decision makers without having to navigate a sentry skilled in the fine art of obstruction. For anyone who has ever spent more cumulative time meeting, and speaking with, an executive assistant rather than with an actual C-level exec, this is unprecedented.

Everyone is an influencer

Our goal as sales and marketing professionals is to influence buyer behavior by simultaneously creating value and building an integrity based-relationship. Your online actions should mirror this purpose. Vanity metrics notwithstanding, it can be argued that everyone is an influencer, based upon the impact of his/her words – in a blog, or a tweet, or a LinkedIn post.

Return of the pen (or keyboard)

Every sales and marketing pro is familiar with the phrase, “content is king.” Well, the written word rules, and Social Selling has empowered the erstwhile Ernest Hemmingway in each of us to blog. Bottom line: the easiest route for sales and marketing professionals to establish themselves as industry thought leaders is through blogging. Write every day to develop a habit that pays.

Information asymmetry is dead

Antiquated and outdated sales transactions where one party (usually the salesperson) has more or better information than the other (i.e., the buyer) are gone forever. Today’s buyer is better informed and better educated about your product or solution before s/he contacts you, the sales professional. Statistics show that the buyer’s journey can be as much as 90 percent completed before s/he ever thinks about interacting with a sales person. Social Selling has transformed the perception of today’s sales professional. Honor is being restored.


The ROI of Social Selling is proven and can be measured and tracked directly within your CRM. If your company is slow to adopt direct revenue attribution from your sales team’s social media activity, you’re missing out. Enough said.


Savvy sales and marketing pros will listen for cues and trigger events to move online conversations, offline. But the real magic happens with a face-to-face meeting in a relationship forged through social. IRL or “in real life” interactions are a powerful byproduct of Social Selling. Building these integrity-based relationships creates a Social Selling accomplishment that is certainly worthy of thanks.

Still Not Sold on Social Selling?

Don’t take my word for it…find out for yourself.

If you’re still unsure about the shape of the Earth (round) or if Social Selling really works (it does), or if you would like additional training, then go all in and sign up for our Social Selling 101 course, which consists of 60 how-to videos along with a long-term strategy to monetize your Social Selling process.

About the Author:
Kevin Thomas Tully is a globally-recognized Social Selling and Big Data strategist who employed the principles of Social Selling long before the term entered the popular business vernacular.

A Johns Hopkins-trained scientist, Kevin has applied predictive analytics and data mining to the sales process for more than a decade to gain a strategic marketplace advantage for leading brands worldwide. In his current role as Global Director of Social Selling Operations at Creation Agency, Kevin drives sales and marketing enablement strategies and revenue growth throughout digitally-savvy organizations.

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    Couldn’t agree with you more Kevin. Well done for a well written article. From my perspective, social selling enables you to create your own personal brand which leads to rich relationships with your current and potential customers. But like anything, social selling is a process that requires diligence, perseverance and patience. Sales people need to develop habits that become regular and effective.