5 Reasons You Should Be Cold Calling

Here are five reasons your cold calling (program/initiative?) needs social selling: I love cold calling. I rock cold calling. Heck, I teach a class on cold calling, but I’m …

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Here are five reasons your cold calling (program/initiative?) needs social selling:

I love cold calling. I rock cold calling. Heck, I teach a class on cold calling, but I’m smart enough to see cold calling needs social selling like peanut butter needs jelly… like Kanye needs Kim.

1 – Turn up the temperature. I can see your company, and I immediately know what you do at your company. It’s a conversation starter. Honestly, it turns cold calling into warm calling. I know how my business fits in with your business.

Walk with me. You’re a designer who sent out these beautiful packets illustrating your work. You sent out 500 packets. You got one job. Friends, it’s not enough to just send it out; you have to start a conversation, a back and forth.  “Hi, Mike!  It’s me!  I sent you that package with the glossy prints last week.  I see you got them Tuesday. Let’s catch up to see how we can partner together!”

See, now the guy knows who you are.  He connects you to that package he got last week.  Yes, it was fabulous. Yes, of course he wants to partner with you.  At the very least, he’ll take your call.

So, instead of emailing Mr. Man.  Ping him on Twitter.  He knows what you do. You just sent him a package for goodness sake. Ping him.  You all have a back and forth on Twitter. Other people watch this…it’s advertising, ummm FREE ADVERTISING. #yeahfree

2 – Work smart. Mike Kunkle says this best with “Stop looking for tips, tricks, and secrets. Start looking for patterns that apply to your context and focus on adaptable systems, processes, and methodologies. It will change your approach. It will improve your results.”

There is a beautiful pattern to social selling mixed with cold calling. Does the caller know why you’re calling? Do you have a familiarity with this person? How can you do that?  You can lead traffic her way.  You can repost an article.  You can direct message them.  Make a connection in the social space.  Cultivate a relationship.

Then, after strategic communication prior to the call, you’re assured that when you reach out, the person on the other end of the line will feel like they’ve been waiting to “meet” you for quite some time.  She’ll know why you’re calling.  You’ve CREATED your own warm lead. Once she picks up the phone, all you have to do is ask a couple of good open-ended questions… and listen.

3 – Not all direct connections come from lead sheets. Social selling is a continuous story. It’s a conversation. While I was reading “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck, (amazing book on learning), I tweeted the author, and she wrote me back! He knows who I am, and most importantly, his followers know who I am. #winning #passiveleadgeneration #igeneratemyown

4 – Sell your successes. When my best friend Scott Campbell @ondemagnetique posted his musical creation on Instagram, so many people reposted that he was inundated with orders. When John Mayer posted an image of him using the machine, yeah that John Mayer, he sold out in hours. #success

5 – It’s a bullet not a shotgun blast. With one tweet I can target a prospect, and let him know who I am and what I do. If you personalize the message, he’ll feel special. Choose and share wisely.

He’ll pick up when you call later (see 1 and 2 above).  Now, remember your last truly cold call.  What did you hear?

Was it something like this?

  • Who is this?
  • Why are you calling?
  • Is this a sales call?

Nothing can terrify a sales person like the idea of just calling someone. It’s a hill that is worth the climb because we know calling works. Throw in some social selling and watch it become easier, more profitable, and more predictable.

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