3 Data Sets To Determine If Your Sales Team Needs Social Selling Training

You’re a sales leader who doesn’t understand the value of social selling.  You ‘get it’- but you really don’t. That’s OK.  Why should you? Social media is a …

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You’re a sales leader who doesn’t understand the value of social selling.  You ‘get it’- but you really don’t.

That’s OK.  Why should you?

Social media is a pretty robust tool.  All the content you read is “fluffy” and the word “revenue” seems nonexistent.

Change is painful and your process of phone, email and phone, are hard enough to adopt with sales people.  Bulk KPI numbers are down. 

You’re frustrated and adopting anything new will take time, and hurt immediate revenue results.  You can’t afford for this to happen…

It’s Not About Sales Leadership or Sales Reps

This mentality is scary, but very common with sales leadership today.  It’s therevenue NOW, NOW, NOW or the highway mentality.

Sales leadership thinks the phone is still the only thing driving revenue.  But when does this ring true?

How do you get the buyer to pick up the phone?  How do you get the buyer to stay engaged on the phone when the call finally  happens?  How do you get the buyer to stay engaged after the first phone call? How do you keep the buyer engaged during the sales process?

My guess, sales leadership thinks they know what works… But your revenue numbers would tell you differently.

Sales leadership must switch mindset from what you think works… And start asking your buyers what they think works.

1. Ask Your Buyer

Do you know what buyers love more than anything?  Hopefully, you know the answer.

Buyers love when you reach out and ask them questions about their opinions. What do they want? What channels do they live on?  What channels do they want you to communicate with them onWhat message is effective in order to get them to engage?  How do you keep them engaged?

Surveys are a powerful thing.  Use them.  Incentivize your customers to use their voice.

 2. Run The Numbers

LinkedIn has some powerful data that is very accessible with a Premium account.  You can dive into numbers regarding the upside of available buyers active on LinkedIn.  You can get as granular as how many decision makers, through title and department, are available.  A Boolean search will show you the way.

Twitter data is available as well for the keywords that are relevant to your organization.  You can use the standard search also using Boolean logic.

There are a variety of social tools that can give you this data.  Some I recommend are Twitonomy, Tweetdeck, and Crowdfire for beginner data.  Zoomph andTalkwalker are a little more in depth tools that I’d recommend -if you have a little bit more money to invest.

3. Competitor Data

The one thing sales leadership knows best… Your competitors!

Who are you consistently losing business to?  Who is taking up your market share?

Why are they taking your business and market share?  Have you asked yourself that question?

Competitive social data is priceless.  Act-On has a great competitive tool that gives you a pulse on content and social activity of your competitors.  There are other tools out there as well.

My grandfather always said… “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

In Conclusion

Is big data the answer?

Or should it be called buyer data?

Buyers have all the answers.

Competitors might have all the revenue.

Social has them all talking.

Now, tell me again why your sales team isn’t leveraging social selling?

Want to learn more about social selling? Our course over on SkillsLab.io, Social Selling 101 will cover how you can get results using a social selling process designed around creating, strengthening, and influencing the 1-1 conversation using social media as the vehicle. Click here to get access.

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