10 Secrets to Marketing-Sales Alignment from B2B Experts

Aligned 2017 kicks off next week. And if you hold a front office leadership role in a B2B company, you’d be wise to register for it right now. …

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Aligned 2017 kicks off next week. And if you hold a front office leadership role in a B2B company, you’d be wise to register for it right now.

Why? Number one: it’s the best kind of event – a free ‘virtual summit’ you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. Number two: it’s offering 50 unique video sessions, created just for the conference and available for on-demand viewing to all Aligned registrants. Number three: It’s tackling a legitimately complex, important subject: B2B sales and marketing alignment.

The session hosts for Aligned – Sales Hacker, Sweetfish Media, Ambition and Engagio – have been kind enough to grant me access to all 50 sessions for Aligned. And my verdict is in. If you hold a sales or marketing leadership role for a B2B organization, the content in this event is must-see. To wit:

10 B2B Experts Share Their Secrets to Marketing-Sales Alignment

Over 25+ hours of video will go live during Aligned 2017. That’s a lot of content for today’s busy sales and marketing leaders to digest.

To that end, I’ve compiled a quick hit list of 10 go-to alignment strategies – plucked from Aligned 2017’s 50 video sessions and set forth by some of the most recognizable names in B2B sales and marketing.

Expert #1. Gary Vaynerchuk. CEO at VaynerMedia.

Session: The Reason Your Sales & Marketing Teams Aren’t Aligned.

Quote: “It’s up to the Heads of Sales and Marketing to align at the top so their teams can deploy empathy to one another. Organizations that deploy empathy and coaching are the ones that win.”

Expert #2. Jill Konrath. Owner at JILL KONRATH.

Session: How to Get More Sales in Less Time with Sales & Marketing Alignment.

Quote: “The root cause of misalignment is always a lack of rock-solid understanding of the buyer.”

Expert #3. Marcus Cauchi. Sales Management Trainer at Sandler Training.

Session: Why ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’ Applies to Alignment.

Quote: “Alignment starts at the top. First, you must add ‘A’ players to your organization. Then, you must remove fear and complexity from your culture and your processes.”

Expert #4. Marylou Tyler. Author at Predictable Prospecting.

Session: Alignment in Action: Real World Success Stories.

Quote: “Your funnel is not a lake. It should be a river that is guiding prospects down the pipeline. Use data to test and refine each stage of the funnel to be as efficient as possible.”

Expert #5. Andy Paul. Host at Accelerate!

Session: The Paradigm is Wrong: Why Do We Separate Sales & Marketing?

Quote: “The goal of an organization isn’t to sell and market to a customer. It’s to acquire and retain them. De-silo the paradigm for how you structure your sales and marketing organizations.

Expert #6. Jake Jorgovan. Principal at Outbound Creative.

Session: Aligning the Agency: How to Focus Goals & Drive Growth.

Quote: “Agency alignment starts with goals. What do we want to accomplish? What are the micro-steps that will get us there?”

Expert #7. Dionne Mischler. CEO at Inside Sales By Design.

Session: The Right Way to Design Your Inside Sales Team.

Quote: “Accountability flows downward. In the absence of a consensus, someone has to be the voice of authority. In every sales organization, someone always has to be in the captain’s chair.”

Expert #8. Alex Lynn. Sales Development Manager at Outreach.

Session: How Outreach Grew From 0 to 2,000 Customers in 16 Months

Quote: “At Outreach, we tell every new sales hire that we, as managers, are accountable for their success. We emphasize a team atmosphere here – where people have each others backs.”

Expert #9. John Barrows. Owner at JBarrows Sales Training.

Session: The Role of CRO, Case Studies & the Pod Approach in Sales & Marketing Alignment

Quote: “If I’m marketing, the only thing I’m thinking about is case studies. Creating as many success stories as I can that encompass every use case.

Expert #10. Max Altschuler. CEO at Sales Hacker.

Session: How Revenue Teams Build Alignment in the Modern World of Selling.

Quote: “Marketing, sales and customer success should be supplying each other with a massive amount of insight, content and collateral that provide value to the buyer and offers key insights into who their buyer is and why they buy.”

Register for Aligned 2017

If you’re a B2B practitioners who is looking to align your sales, marketing and/or service organization over the next 12 months, Aligned 2017 is the perfect starting point.

The 10 experts profiled here cover just twenty-percent of the featured guest list. Stand on the shoulders of giants before you take on the giant task aligning your B2B organization. View the full agenda and register for free access to all 50 sessions at aligned17.com.

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